Sunday, May 8, 2011

What do you do for fun whilst Baked?

     Here is a short list of some of the things I personally enjoy to do either while or after smoking. Please add your own comments of the activities you enjoy to do while ripped out of your mind!
"toke on my friends. toke on."

  1. StumbleUpon

     A very intersting website that allows you to randomly go through web pages that have been tagged by fellow Stumblers, you can edit what you StumbleUpon by catagory and can even Stumble through YouTube (personal favorite)

  2. Linux (Ubuntu)

     It's no secret to my friends, I am a nerd...I love computers and enjoy everything about them, that is part of the reason I have ditched Windows, apart from some compatibility issues here or there with Windows only programs (which can be worked out just with a little more time). Still, Ubuntu is great, I love it! I love electronics in general. Make fun of me.

  3. Xbox

     You can't tell me playing COD:Zombies or Bulletstorm is not fun as hell when baked!!! my gamertag is FLy 2 the Floor if you ever want to play.

  4. Good Music

     Dope Dub is great to listen to I get so into the drops and shit when i'm blazed, it's just nice to only hear music sometimes and not singing, then again listening to some soft acoustic guitar or some sick rap like Tunechi is equally as great.

  5. Bunny

     That's right, I own a pet bunny, dude is chill as fuck (cept for chewing on fucking wires!!! Shit is so frustrating) but all in all I still love the little guy, He's my lil smokin buddy, plus my girlfriend who I live with gets annoying as fuck sometimes so it's nice to go kix it with my bunny dude, his name is Wayne.

  6. Going Outside
     Whether it's going on a walk down to the park, biking the trails or playing sports I enjoy it, this list is kind of decieving, makes me look like I sit at home all day but with work and other things to take up my time it's nice to get out and get some fresh air, and who doesn't enjoy a dank blunt in the grass on a warm summer night...if you don't. get off this blog.

Matter of fact, I'm going outside.


    1. haha cool, keep posting those stories ;)
      following your blog!

    2. I do nothing, as I'm too much of a wuss. Not to smoke up, but of the consequences of getting caught. I'm probably just really paranoid.

      Once I get my own place I probably will, though.

    3. Nothing better then relaxing on weekends at night with a nice, fat, ... :-)

    4. StumbleUpon feat. the most awesome food you can find at your place at that time, together with friends plus a little jam session. That is the most awesome setting possible. Man all those memories... I used to until a few years ago.

    5. stumbleupon has literally ended my social life.

    6. did you get ubuntu 11? it's so awesome!

    7. My favorite thing to do is .... sleep after smoking :-)

    8. I wanna see pictures of your pet bunny!! <333

    9. I'd say just sitting around with friends, or not just playing Xbox. Following. :>

    10. Depending on the kind of weed really... Some kinds I just want to sleep and others make me want to go out on the streets and have fun

    11. hot fucking bath, bong, few hits, HIGHER PLANE OF EXISTENCE