Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Connoisseur Smoker

Hello, My name is Jared and I am an avid Marijuana smoker, I find that the nicer things in smoking make the high and the smoke that much better, and that my friends is exactly what this is about!

In the comments please post 

what kind of smoking device you are using?
How long you've had it?
Your strain of choice?
and any tidbit of advice you may have for your fellow toker!

Thank you.


  1. cheers to that mate!

    atm, im using a digivape
    brand new
    blue dream or ogkush

  2. I only smoke Shisha at a special coffe shop. :(

  3. Thanks for the comments fellow tokers!!
    Myself (Jared) am currently using a 2 ft tree percolator bong with a open ended slitted downstem and a rasta ashcatcher. i will upload videos and pics soon!

  4. I give all the collection the same amount of love, so (nicknames in parenthesis): US Tubes 2 ft bong w/ Showerhead diffy and US Tubes inline (Chimney); Blue Gandalf pipe (Gandalf); Hookah style bubbler w/frog bowl (Frogger); SYN triple perc (showerhead/7 arm tree/showerhead) w/ 7 arm perc/ashcatch (The Game); Short bubbler (Stubby).
    All between 3-9 months old
    Strains on hand: Rhino Wreck (White Rhino/Train Wreck Hybrid), Obama, Dreamers Rx, Grape Ape, Orange Velvet, and Blueberry Kush. It's good to have your med card ^^