Monday, June 20, 2011


When it comes to the question of 
"What should we smoke with
?" the list is endless to say the least, just to name a few we have
  1. Joints (Thin paper with marijuana rolled in it)
  2. Blunts (Tobacco paper with marijuana rolled in it - also personal favourite)
  3. Glass
  • Spoons (Straight carb)

    • Bubbler (Think of it as a 'mini bong')

    • Chilum (Straight pipe, No carb)

    • Bong (Smoke travels through water, removing impurities and providing a much more enjoyable smoke while making the hit less harsh)
    Bongs themselves also are a category of their own just based on all the accessories that are available and the multitude of percolators (an extra reservoir of water for the smoke to travel through) or ash catchers (same as a percolator, except for the fact it can be removed, unlike a percolator.)

    If your looking for a great place to find awesome glass pieces. Aqua Lab Technologies.

    Thursday, June 16, 2011

    Monday, June 6, 2011

    iPhone vs Android?

    I have neither, but want both :)
    What do you all have?
    it seems that the iPhone has just become a name. But I don't know I don't have one.
    check out this interesting article I found after the break!!

    Monday, May 30, 2011

    Storms and Buds

    I live in Sioux Falls.
    Don't you love thunderstorms and smokin? I'm about to puff on some Maui Waui with a tornatic activity inbound...I don't want a Joplin, MI (R.I.P) , but i'm ready for this, check the latest radar pic!

    What'cha puffin on?

    Just picked up a G of Maui Waui.
    What are you smokin' on?
    Also, I love listenin to this song while cheefin, so epic....haha

    Friday, May 27, 2011

    Have you heard?

    Lil Wayne's new Carter IV single? check it out here!

    Tuesday, May 24, 2011

    -Story Time-

    Custom Creations Stemless 18mm
    SO. I sold my 2 ft tree perc bong to my dealer for a qtr of Grape Kush. I had purchased the bong from her for 90$ so it was a pretty good deal, went out to my neighborhood head shop and picked up a SICK Custom Creations Stemless bong (pictures to come later!!! I need a camera!!!) heres a pic from the internet of it though, milks like a champ! So then my girlfriend had decided to go into psycho bitch mode and she was holding the bong and THREW IT on the ground, not a drop of "oops oh nooooooo!" she fucking THREW it....anyway the circular base is now smashed and its now a true straight tube, makes it really hard to keep it upright but life moves on :D and then now yesterday my dealer texts me..."Guess what I broke" , *facepalm*....

    Wednesday, May 18, 2011

    Friday, May 13, 2011


    If you are constantly looking for ways to improve the quality of your medication or want to learn new ways to enjoy your favorite herb, then this is the guide for you. In this guide I'll teach you what it takes to become a true herbal connoisseur, showing you new ways to use modern technology and science to give you the best smoke possible!

    Sunday, May 8, 2011

    What do you do for fun whilst Baked?

         Here is a short list of some of the things I personally enjoy to do either while or after smoking. Please add your own comments of the activities you enjoy to do while ripped out of your mind!
    "toke on my friends. toke on."

    Thursday, May 5, 2011

    "The rippin and the tearin. rippin and the tearin"

    Just picked up some hella-dank Sour D from my dude, About to celebrate 4/20 and then I will post Vids and Pics. Meanwhile, if you like LilWayne, you should check out this site

    New Day, Fresh Bowl

    What I wish I had!!!
    Good afternoon all. I woke to find all of my bud gone!!!! Had a CRAZY night last night but today was payday so I need to go pick up another gram...any of you grow your own? I have always wanted to but don't have the space or time..any protips?

    Wednesday, May 4, 2011

    The Connoisseur Smoker

    Hello, My name is Jared and I am an avid Marijuana smoker, I find that the nicer things in smoking make the high and the smoke that much better, and that my friends is exactly what this is about!